Friday, December 21, 2007

Hemos Terminado!

The “VIP” movie experience was so fun! We went to Plaza Galerias on Wednesday, the movie theatre is in the “nice” mall, and we saw “La Brujula Dorada,” or The Golden Compass. We got to the mall not knowing any show times or even how everything worked. We went to the VIP lounge and bought our tickets, which were about $6 each and then sat at the bar to wait for our show. We were there at 9 and the show didn’t start till 9:30 so we had a drink. We had cervezas with salt and lime juice, the salt was around the rim of the cup was so fine and delicious with the corona! We went in the theatre around 9:20 and found it to be so comfortable. The chairs really were like lazy boys and they were so spacious. There were about 15 rows of chairs and the chairs were paired in twos. Great for a date! When we purchased our tickets, we had to choose where we wanted to sit and since we bought them last minute the only two seats together were on the 2nd row, but it really wasn’t that close. It was not uncomfortably close like you would think. So there were waiters who took our food order and Janae ordered sushi and I had a delicious sandwich with French bread and cream cheese, tomatoes, ham and salami. Any time you needed anything, you just had to push a button and a little light lit up next to your chair. It was so cute! I mean, I know we have places where you can eat and drink in the movie theatres in the U.S., but this was fancy. Anyways, the movie was alright, entertaining for sure.

Last night Janae and I wanted to go for salsa lessons at Mambo Café. We have heard about this place since day 1 and wanted to check it out and learn to dance! On their website it said to be there right at 8 p.m. So….we’re dressed all cute with our skirts and heels and arrive right at 8, but could not find the door to the place! We didn’t know how to get in and when we finally asked these two guys who were sitting outside what to do, we were told that the salsa teacher was a “no show.” Let down is an understatement! So we went across the street to “Pub,” that was the name of the place, to have a drink and waste time because we knew Mambo Café would at least pick up around 10 or 10:30 and we wanted to dance. We were the only customers in Pub and it was so weird! Given it was really early, but it was still weird. They had a pool table and we played a couple games but by the time we were done it was only 8:45, so we decided to go to Carlos & Charlie’s restaurant, which was nearby. The atmosphere at that place was way better, there were people and waiters and food! We ordered pina margaritas, shrimp cocktail and clams. I have never had clams before, but they were soooo good! I’m definitely ordering them again soon. They came on a plate that was piled high with sea salt and the clams were covered in melted cheese and spinach. Delish! The shrimp cocktail came in a big margarita glass full of cocktail sauce, lemon and onions and they brought crackers and bread to eat with our food. Again, the waiters were so interested in what we were doing here in Mexico yada yada. One of them came over and made us flowers from napkins! With his lighter he burned one side of it and twisted the napkin until it really looked like a flower, Janae got a carnation and I a rose. After eating and drinking we decided to go back to Mambo Café and we ended up having a great time. We get dropped off by the cab right outside the place and there was a line to get in, not really a line, but tons of people standing around to enter and there were guys picking and choosing who could go in. Janae and I were picked out of the crown instantaneously and walked right up to the front and inside with no problem. They love us. The inside of Mambo Café was crazy. We had to walk through this long, dim lit hallway with like paper covering the walls to get to where you sit, drink and dance. You could tell there was stone behind the paper, I wonder why they covered the walls with that stuff. Cheap but cool décor. Anyways, so we joined some people who had a table on the bottom level where the dance floor was, there were like 3 levels that faced the stage. It was very open and spacious, until the live band came on and everyone rushed the dance floor! Janae and I would be dancing together and random people, even like couples that were dancing, would grab us and put us in the middle of this “circle” they were dancing in and cheer us on. It was so crowded that you couldn’t dance without bumping into people, it was hectic. The live music was great, just what we needed. There were lights flashing and fog, so fun! Anyways, we got tired of dancing, like literally my legs hurt from bustin moves, and we decided to head home.

WE GRADUATED FROM KUKULCAN TODAY! We passed with A’s and got a diploma and everything! I can’t believe I have completed 2 years worth of Spanish in 7 months. I was so fearful when I found out I had to take 2 intermediate years of a foreign language (meaning you have to take beginner 1 & 2 and then intermediate 1 & 2). I had no choice, my major required it. No way around it, just through it. I took Latin in high school, which was no help, and had no previous experience with the Spanish language. I am terrible at English grammar and expected the worse. I was so scared because I had no chance for failure; if I failed a Spanish class, my expected graduation date could have been delayed and I wasn’t having that, even though I love college and want to stay in as long as possible! So it was Span 1 and 2 over the summer, 3 in the fall and 4 in the winter. Worked out perfectly. I really can’t believe its over, I’m kind of weirded out. Anyways though, we took our last tests today which went well. I scored an 87 on the grammar part and a 100 on the oral exam. I now know all of the verbs, tenses, moods, conjugations, irregulars, etc. Not perfectly, but I know them and how to use them. I am far better at reading and writing than I am speaking, but plan to improve that when I am back in the states. I don’t want to let the language out of my head, I want to use my Spanish knowledge when I begin my career, not sure how yet though. I also want my children to be bilingual. Probably trilingual. Anyways, after school today there was a little graduation ceremony held for Barbara, Janae and myself and our teachers and the staff sung us a song in Spanish. We were each given a Kukulcan t-shirt, our “diploma” and transcript to receive school credit. This trip was totally worth it, but I am SO GALD Janae was here to go through this immersion experience with me. I really don’t know what I would have done without her. Before I left, I was so confident that I was going to be fine and not be home sick, but if she had not been here I would have been totally down and just lonely. This really was a culture shock. I think two weeks was just the right amount of time though, although my teachers beg to differ. I could not imagine being here for any longer, although I would like to come back to visit one day. The city was beautiful and full of life. Great place. Great experience.

We are going out with a bang tonight, we plan to make our way to Starbucks here in a little bit and then meet up with some friends from school at one of our favorite places, Universal restaurant, around 9. Sleep tonight is a must because we are having a cab pick us up at 7:45 to get to the bus station at 8. The bus will leave Cuernavaca at 8:20 and take us to the airport in Mexico City, which is about an hour and 15 minutes away. Our flight is at 1:25 and they told us to get there 3 hours early. America here we come! I cant’ wait to see my peeps. It feels like it’s been forever!


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Isabella | THE PILE OF STYLE said...

I love your work, you have great sense for this!
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